Our organization was founded on the values of inclusion, equality, collaboration, and altruism. Women's success is our main focus and we believe that our initiatives should not be inhibited by our national borders. Our global summit series is one of our many efforts in the mission of connecting with women around the world to provide a platform for them to flourish and further develop their knowledge and skills.

Global Women Empower was created for the sole purpose of developing opportunities for women, providing resources and tools for success, and promoting open discussion that motivates, renews and activates. With our Global Women's Empowerment Summit Series, we are able to connect women with influential and leading experts in business and corporate affairs, personal development, media and entertainment, health and wellness, politics, law and advocacy, entrepreneurship, environmental and cultural affairs, and much more. Become a part of a powerful community of women focused on empowering and enriching women.

Global Women Empower was founded by Nzinga Lowe, international speaker, success coach, and global entrepreneur. Nzinga has an extensive history in working with individual brands, start ups and small businesses, on preparing for their future and strengthening their unique identity. 

Before founding her own consulting firm, she was a Medical Practice Consultant who focused greatly on professional consulting, bioethics, patient and provider education, and the prominent inequality faced by minority patients within healthcare. During her career, she connected with outside advocacy groups and became an activist for women's health and education as well as minority health disparity awareness and education. She began personally hosting holistic health presentations and community outreach initiatives.

Outside of the healthcare scope, Nzinga Lowe has worked to empower women through liberation and career development workshops, lead resume construction and career preparation workshops for adults entering and re-entering the professional workforce, and assist in vocational rehabilitation initiatives for the differently abled, those with PTSD and other mental health conditions, as well as the homeless. She currently partners with non-profit women and youth empowerment groups that are devoted to women's rights, equality, eduation, and women's and minority health.

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